4 years of experience

About Zein Wafaie Kraatz

Zein is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as certified in, "Sports Nutrition!"
She does both in person and online personal training and specializes in, "Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss and Lean Muscle Mass."
She works with all walks of life, from children to the elderly, healthy individuals to people who have serious health conditions.
She has worked with cancer patients, stroke victims, clients living life from wheelchairs, to athletic clients who just need the added training and motivation!
She has many passions in over all health and wellness, but first begins in the mind and how our mindsets really set us back from success in not just health and fitness, but in every area of life.
Her walk with God has helped her to see how important He is in a healthy mindset and over all health!
She believes strongly that every client is an individual and should be trained according to what their specific needs are.
She is extremely careful in her training to make sure that each client has proper form and trains safely!
She is passionate about her career and feels it's a blessing from God.
She would love to help you change your lifestyle to a new life of health that lasts a lifetime.~

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
Ace Certified Sports Nutrition

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